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Repairing  technology since 1995

No matter if your Mac/Windows/Linux/Unix we just love computers, Mobile Pc Care is dedicated to the successful repair and recovery of your computer system & Mobile Technology=smart phones & tablets.


Don't get left behind

If your system is running slower than it should be, suspect that you've been infected by a virus or believe something's just not working as it should, Mobile Pc Care can help with upgrades, virus removal and technical support. We offer data recovery, software repair and networking services as well.

Knowing that you've invested a lot of your time and money, we treat your system like it's ours...because we love computers and we love the experience they provide us.


Slow Computer?

  • Whether you're a novice or an advanced user, we can provide you with the education that will enhance your abilities and prepare you for our technical future. The sessions can include "How To Use Online Banking", "Safe Internet Surfing" and "How Do I? and much more

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